[Ifeffit] compiling Ifeffit and friends on a 64 bit linux machine

Bruce Ravel bravel at anl.gov
Wed Sep 14 20:24:32 CDT 2005

Some months ago -- see the thread that starts here:


Jake from U. Calgary posted a message about trouble getting Ifeffit et
al to compile on his 64 bit machine.  Over the last few days I have
been upgrading to SUSE 9.3 on my home computer, which has an Intel 64
bit processor.  (2 of them actually, lucky me!)  9.3 is much better
for a 64 bit machine than 9.2 was.  (It's also the first OpenSUSE
release, which is a development I am very happy about.)

Initially I ran into the exact same problem that Jake described in his
original post.

At the time, Carlo suggested that the -fPIC flag ("Position Independent
Code", whatever that is) would be important.  That turned out to be the
trick.  When installing Ifeffit, it was necessary to do the configure
step like this:

   ./configure CC="cc -fPIC" FFLAGS="-g -O2 -fPIC"

After that, the rest of installing Ifeffit and all of installing the
horae tarball proceded normally.

BUT, there is one other caveat.  I had to make a small change to the
pgplot makefile to get it compiled for my 64 bit machine.  Everyplace
in the makefile where it said "/usr/X11R6/lib", I had to change that
to "/usr/X11R6/lib64".

Compiling pgplot requires a bit of voodoo.  I have always relied on
Matt's PGPLOT_install script, which comes with the ifeffit tarball.
In this case, I ran the script.  It did some stuff, the failed.  I
cd-ed to /usr/local/pgplot, which is where it gets installed, and
edited the makefile in that directory as I indicated in the last
paragraph.  Then in that directory I did a "make" and the pgplot
compilation went to completion.  Of course, I had to be root run the
PGPLOT_install script and to do the compilation in /usr/local/pgplot.

Hope that helps!  (I'd be interested to hear how it goes with your
opteron, should you try this, Carlo.)


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