[Ifeffit] Bug report for Artemis 0.8.000

schmithals at hmi.de schmithals at hmi.de
Mon Sep 12 10:33:08 CDT 2005

Hello Bruce,

After a break I just started to use Artemis again and I am delighted about
the new features, especially the ability to store and compare subsequent
fits in one file.

Below I want to submit the bugs that I came accross so far (on Win2000):

- If one opens by mistake an input file that is unknown to Artemis (or
Athena) this file will be destroyed and cut to about 4kB.
Workaround: Just DON'T do this (or keep regular backups).

- Funny things happen when one studies an atoms/feff calculation without
having loaded an experiment file: I imported an atoms.inp, ran atoms and
feff and did two summations (Sum | All included paths ..). For the first
summation I included only the first path, for the second summation only
the second path. The first summation seems fine, for the second summation
Artemis obviously includes both paths. In subsequent summations this
effect will continue: all paths used in the past are considered plus the
paths currently included.
Workaround: Load a 'dummy'-chi file even for just making summations.

I was teaching the use of Artemis to a few colleagues. I recommend them to
keep a copy of their atoms.inp-files at a separate place for re-use in
later projects. If time permits maybe you could account for these issues:
- If saving an atoms.inp file via Theory | Write special output | atoms
the name 'artemis.stuff' will be provided. Is it possible to change that
to 'atoms.inp'?
- The link to TKAtoms is missing for newly installed systems.

Gerrit Schmithals

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