[Ifeffit] Re: ifeffit installation on Linux

Bruce Ravel bravel at anl.gov
Thu Sep 8 11:18:31 CDT 2005

On Thursday 08 September 2005 10:42, marco antoni alsina corvalan wrote:
> That would be great!. Although ncurses was installed on my SUSE machine, I
> didnt knew how to use it to install ifeffit, so I had to go the other way
> installing termcap and then installing ifeffit.

I thought the Ifeffit configure script knew to try several different
terminal management libraries.  My (vague) memory was that when I
installed ncurses, Ifeffit's configure script settled on that.  Your
milage may vary.

> However I bumped into another issue, when I execute the "perl horae_update"
> I get the following message:
> *  Attempting to fetch a directory listing from      
> http://feff.phys.washington.edu/~ravel/software/exafs/packages/
> could not fetch
> http://feff.phys.washington.edu/~ravel/software/exafs/packages/from server
> I have the feeling that this is an easy one to solve, however I have tried
> to run the script without my firewall ending with the same result, so once
> again a push here may be the final one I to get the package installed.

You seem to be using a very old version of the horae_update script.
Try grabbing the latest from


It's the link that says "Here is a perl script".

It's probable that the horae_update script will default to trying to
use a SourceForge mirror in North America or Europe, which might be
slooooow for you.  You might be better off downloading and installing
the horae tarball by hand using whichever SourceForge mirror you find
fastest (perhaps the one in Curitiba).

Good luck,

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