[Ifeffit] Re: ifeffit installation on Linux

marco antoni alsina corvalan malsina at puc.cl
Thu Sep 8 10:42:03 CDT 2005

Hello again everyone,

As I posted yesterday, the symbolic link suggested by Peter  worked for me 
fine, but I agre with Matt in that a solution included in the installer is 
needed, and as I mencioned to Matt before, yes the new "configure" script 
also solves the problem, although I have no idea why for me it didnt the 
first time I use it (as I reported previously...I was wrong). Thanks Matt. 

Bruce Ravel writes:
> The other thing I would add to the linux+curses issue in >getting ifeffit to compile is to use your distribution's >installation manager to install all the various curses >options.  

That would be great!. Although ncurses was installed on my SUSE machine, I 
didnt knew how to use it to install ifeffit, so I had to go the other way 
installing termcap and then installing ifeffit. 

However I bumped into another issue, when I execute the "perl horae_update" 
I get the following message: 

*  Attempting to fetch a directory listing from      
could not fetch 
http://feff.phys.washington.edu/~ravel/software/exafs/packages/from server 

I have the feeling that this is an easy one to solve, however I have tried 
to run the script without my firewall ending with the same result, so once 
again a push here may be the final one I to get the package installed. 

By the way, Thanks to all for your time and disposal to help me through 


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