[Ifeffit] doubts

Feng Wang fwang at phys.ualberta.ca
Wed Nov 9 20:20:41 CST 2005

Dear Bruce and Scott,

I am a beginner of IFEFFIT, trying to follow Scott's example. In the ZnO DEMO 
PART 1, everything went well before doing the fit, however when I click the 
green button "Fit", I was told  by the message: 

This parameter uses a name which has special meaning in Ifeffit:
You must change this parameter name before attempting to fit.
One common example of this sort is a variable named "dr1", which
should be changed to something like "dr_1" or "drone". 

Could you or anyone direct me? I would appreciate that. 

Best regards,


> I could write on and on about this topic, but I think it would be
> fruitful for you to follow the example that Scott Calvin wrote up.
> Look at:
>   http://cars9.uchicago.edu/~ravel/software/contrib.html
> And download the ZnO example.  This consists of a series of Artemis
> project files.  Scott wrote comments in the journals of each project
> to walk you through the process of using Artemis to fit real data.  I
> think that it would be helpful to you to work through this example
> carefully.  I suspect that doing so will help to clear up some of your
> confusion.
> If, after working through Scott's example, you still have questions --
> we on the mailing list will be glad to help you out.
> B

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