[Ifeffit] Question with FL Database

Marco Alsina malsina at puc.cl
Tue Nov 8 10:53:27 CST 2005

El Martes, 8 de Noviembre de 2005 13:14, Matt Newville escribió:
> Yes, there are a few different formats of data in the Lytle
> database. As far as I can tell, the files with
> do not include a "known"  d-spacing or steps-per-degree, but
> tend to use Si(111) (dspace = 1.9202).   You didn't include the
> rest of the file or say which file you're trying to use, so it's
> impossible to tell what problem you're having.
Well actually what I was trying to do was to obtain a meanigful value for 
motor step 168620 (CUEDGE, which I included in the header), and with d-space 
set to 1.92017 and step-per-degree equal to 8000 you get CUEDGE =8977 eV, so
 set(dspace=1.92017, stpdeg=8000)  fixed my problem
For further files what I needed was possible values for stpdeg, which you 
already give me.
Thanks Matt and the community,and also thanks for the macro too!

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