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Bruce Ravel bravel at anl.gov
Wed Nov 2 10:31:42 CST 2005

Hi all,

Today, in a conversation that Carlo, Matt, and I have been having,
Matt said the following:

> I know some beamlines (PNC-CAT, for example) don't install
> Ifeffit/hephaestus on data collection machines because it uses too
> much memory (~40Mb+ on Win32).

In fact, the only thing for which hephaestus uses Ifeffit is the f'/f"
utility.  None of the other tools in hephaestus make use of ifeffit in
any way.

Would there be some interest in a "hephaestus-lite"?  That is, a
version of hephaestus that does not include the f'/f" utility.  Such a
thing would have a much smaller footprint on the computer -- just
whatever the perl interpreter requires, maybe 4 or 5 meg.

If enough people express inetrest, I can inlcude thas in the
distribution.  I can even make a stand-alone distribution that
installs only hephaestus-lite and the external files it needs to do
its thing.  That would be a much smaller beast (both in disk space and
memory footprints) than the full ifeffit install.


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