[Ifeffit] ignoring TkAtoms "Frame 1" save option fixes error

Charles Chusuei chusuei at umr.edu
Tue May 24 12:18:09 CDT 2005

Re: [Ifeffit] can't see error message(s) Artemis after *.inp import from 

At 11:30 PM 5/23/2005, you wrote:
>Hi Charles,
>Sorry for the delay.  There won't be anything to plot after
>importing the feff.inp file.  First, you'll have to run feff,
>then import some of the feff paths into Artemis.  At that point
>you can either simply add the paths together or do a fit to
>actual data.
>For the "Artemis trapped one of more errors!  Error message
>dumped to screen" message, these actually go to the Windows
>command session window (aka the DOS shell).
>Hope that helps!

Thanks Matt!  I wouldn't have guessed that was where the message went. It 
immediately popped up before I could try plotting so I thought I had to do 
something before running feff.  In any case, I found that the error had to 
do with multiple ways TkAtoms can save the *.inp file.  In the program [ver 
3.0beta9], the *.inp is generated in the "TkAtoms display Frame 1", 
displaying the xyz coordinates.  In this "Frame 1" window, there is a 
button that gives you the option of saving the *.inp file.  When I use it 
to do so, Artemis doesn't seem to recognize the file when I try to import 
it (hence the error message).  I found that I had to ignore this window and 
use the "File" submenu  (at the top in blue in TkAtoms) to save the *.inp 
file.  I could then import with no error message & finally do the Artemis 
plot.  -Charles

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