[Ifeffit] Propagation of uncertanties

Scott Calvin SCalvin at slc.edu
Tue May 17 12:47:35 CDT 2005

While we're on the topic...

FEFFIT used to report the uncertainties in computed variables (what 
are now DEF's) in the feffit.prm file. As far as I've been able to 
tell, Artemis doesn't report that information anywhere, and I'm not 
clear if ifeffit still computes it. Is it in there somewhere, and am 
I just missing it? In any case, I would like it if uncertainties in 
def'd variables should be given everywhere that uncertainties in 
guessed variables are given.

--Scott Calvin
Sarah Lawrence College

>Hi Matt and Bruce,
>I request that Athena reports the uncertainty in the basic EXAFS 
>parameters and not just the fitted variables. For example, the 
>uncertainty in the optimized debye temperature is reported, but the 
>uncertainty in sigma2 value is not currently reported.  I could see 
>how this could be done by Athena or by including a new function in 
>-What do you think?
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