[Ifeffit] Athena and Artemis reference

Bruce Ravel bravel at anl.gov
Wed Jun 15 18:20:22 CDT 2005

Hi folks,

I just got word today that my and Matt's submission to Journal of Synchrotron 
Radiation has been published and is available on-line.  Here is the citation:

   ATHENA, ARTEMIS, HEPHAESTUS: data analysis for X-ray absorption 
   spectroscopy using IFEFFIT 
   B. Ravel and M. Newville
   Journal of Synchrotron Radiation,
   Volume 12, Part 4, pages 537---541.

Here's a link:

This reference is more up-to-date and reflective of the current state of the 
codes than the reference in Physica Scripta from the Malmo EXAFS conference, 
so it is my preference that you use it.


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