[Ifeffit] Importance and Edge Step

Gerrit Schmithals schmithals at hmi.de
Tue Jun 7 11:57:01 CDT 2005

On Monday 06 June 2005 09:27, Gerrit Schmithals wrote:

>>How do I implement more than 4 references? There is a box for entering
>>the number but it does not enlarge the reference-list as I expected it
>>to do.
Bruce Ravel schrieb:

>All of this is explained in the doc page for the LCF dialog.  (That
>is, I think I explained it all there.  It may be [is?] poorly
>explained ....;-)
>The length of the standards list is set in the preferences dialog.
>The relevant parameter is linearcombo->maxspectra. 
Thanks for that hint. I really should have found that setting by myself.

I did not use the combinatorical fitting so far, but concerning the
normal linear fitting I observed two issues:

I had an Athena project with some references loaded as chi(k)-data and
some unknown samples as chi(k) as well. Athena won't let me start the
Linear Fit-Dialog stating that it (she) needs at least three
xmu-spectra. Changing the preference to "standard fit in  k-space" does
not help. Workaround: I just loaded some dummy xmu-Spektra and can now
work with the dialog.

Also, only these xmu-spectra can be selected from the "standards pluck
boxes", the only way to insert the chi(k)-references is to use "use
marked groups". That is a bit of a problem when you have to move one of
the groups up because its value is negative. Workaround is to move up
the groups in in Data group section.

Some other issues came into my mind while working with the dialog but
they are really of minor importance:
- Is there any possibility to plot the linear fit and the data in
R-space right away? (without first saving it as a datagroup)
- It would be nice to be able to store the relative weigths together
with the newly created dataset.


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