[Ifeffit] Bug report

Scott Calvin scalvin at mail.slc.edu
Mon Jun 6 19:47:19 CDT 2005

Hi Bruce and Matt,

I've just spent a few hours trying to track down a bug that showed up in
one of my complicated Artemis files. I've boiled it down to the point where
I can make it happen in one of the example files, although of course in
this context it looks a little pointless.

At any rate, take Ifeffit/examples/Artemis/Cu/oneshell.apj, and change the
sigma2 for path 1 to:

(1)*sigsqr + signor*(1)

and run a fit.

For me, that generates the ifeffit message:

path(1, sigma2 = (1)*sigsqr + signor*(1))
syntax error:        (1)*sigsqr)+signor*((1)
parentheses not used properly

and causes a sigma2 of 0 to be used. Artemis doesn't report any error; you
have to look in the ifeffit buffer or notice that you're getting a funny
value of sigma2 (i.e. 0) assigned to path 1. 

Now change the sigma2 to read:

(1)*sigsqr + signor*(1)*1

and everything works fine. Weird, huh?

I'm using Artemis 0.7.015 and ifeffit 1.2.7 on Windows XP.

--Scott Calvin
Sarah Lawrence College

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