[Ifeffit] ifeffit module for perl

Sven L.M. Schroeder sven.schroeder at gnomikos.com
Mon Jun 6 16:02:55 CDT 2005

> To solve your problem, there are many possible solutions.  
> You'll have to decide which one works best for you.  Here are some
> suggestions:
> 1.  Modify your registry so that the environment variables are set in
>     some global sense.  (Note that I have no idea how that is done.)

Hi all

Easy I think...

1. Right click on 'My Computer' (or whatever you might have renamed that
icon to) on your desktop
2. Open 'Properties'
3. Choose the 'Advanced' tab
4. Click on the button 'Environment variables'

Voilà! You can set user variables and global variables!

These instructions were for Windows XP - but Win2k was similar (or


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