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Dear Bruce

An example of treating  atomic absorption background including large
multielectron features in L edge spectra of Ce is given in the attached
paper. Full atomic absorption background for nearby elements Cs and Xe
can be seen in the second attached paper. Some other useful references on
this topic are given below:

J. A. Solera, J. Garcia, M. G. Proietti, Phys. Rev. B 1995, 51, 2678–2686.

A. Kodre, I. Arčon, M. Hribar, M. Štuhec, F. Villain, W. Drube, L.
Troeger, Physica B 1995,208&209, 379–380.

J. Padežnik Gomilšek, I. Kozjek Škofic, N. Bukovec, A. Kodre, Thin
Solid Films 2004, 446, 117–123.

E. Fonda, D. Andreatta, P. E. Colavita, G. Vlaic, J. Synchrotron Rad.
1999, 6, 34–42.

also some our references for atomic absorption spectra of K edge exafs:

A. Kodre, I. Arčon, J. Padežnik Gomilšek, R. Frahm
Multielectron excitations in x-ray absorption spectra of Rb and Kr
J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 35 (2002) 3497-3513

A. Kodre, I. Arčon, J. Padežnik Gomilšek, A. Mihelič
Atomic absorption background in EXAFS spectra of Rb in inter-alkaline alloys
Physica Scripta. Vol, T115, (2005) 218-220

A. Kodre, R. Prešeren, I. Arčon, J. Padeznik Gomilšek, M. Borowski,
A study of transferability of atomic background on EXAFS spectra of simple
gaseous compounds of As,
J. Synch. Radiation 8 (2001) 282-284

R. Prešeren, A. Kodre, I. Arčon, M. Borowski,
Atomic background and EXAFS of gaseous hydrides of Ge, As, Se, and Br,
J. Synch. Radiation 8 (2001) 279-281

 There are many other papers of different authors on the multielectron
photoexcitations (see references in above papers).
Additional information on multielectron photoexcitations in exafs spectra
of L and K edges of different elements and some subtraction procedures can
be found also on the dedicated web site of our group:

best regards and congratulations for  well  supported  program packages
for exafs analysis.

Iztok Arcon

> On Tuesday 12 July 2005 11:18, QY ZML wrote:
>> I am analyzing EXAFS of some rare earth systems. It is known that
>> there are ?multielectron transitions in these systems. So, I want to
>> know how to subtract multielectron process contribution generally and
>> if ATHENA has a feature to do this. ?Thank you very much.
> Athena does not currently have a feature for doing this.  Drat!
> I would be willing to implement something empirical for doing this.  I
> would
> like to see a discussion here on the mailing list of the merits of
> different
> approaches.  Since I have never given this very much thought, I am not
> with
> any strong opinions for how it should (or should not) be done.  But I can
> certainly consider implementing it.
> B
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