[Ifeffit] compilation problem under MAC OS X

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Mon Jul 11 21:57:13 CDT 2005


> %dyld: Symbol not found: _s_copy
> %Trace/BPT trap
> Only thing I can think of at this stage is reinstalling the OS!

No, you don't need to do that!!  

What's missing (and we forgot to put it in the instructions) is
that you need Fink's g77 installed as well as the new version of
perl/Tk and the "developers disk", including the X11 libraries
-- I hear these are labelled differently for 10.4, and that
installing XCode might be the best approach.

For Fink, see http://fink.sourceforge.net/.  Using Fink is not
always easy (and requires root access, which for most Mac users
means using 'sudo').  There are reasonable instructions for
Fink, and FinkCommander is a very nice front end to use.  I'm
pretty sure you won't need anything besides g77 from Fink.
It should be that after installing Fink you can open a Terminal
and do:
 ~> . /sw/bin/init.sh
 ~> sudo apt-get -f install g77

Sorry for the confusion,


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