[Ifeffit] Fit in R and k space

Scott Calvin scalvin at slc.edu
Mon Jul 11 10:07:12 CDT 2005

Hi Stefano,

I'm not sure what you're suggesting--a real simultaneous fit, which somehow
weights the fit in R-space and k-space to arrive at a single set of
parameters? Or just two fits in series so that you only hit one button?

In the first case, I'm not sure I see a big benefit considering that the
weighting scheme becomes in effect another opaque parameter that can be
used to generate arguments among experts. :)

In the second case, it seems to me more straightforward just to run the fit

But maybe I'm not understanding your suggestion?

--Scott Calvin
Sarah Lawrence College

At 04:17 PM 7/8/2005 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi Bruce and Matt,
>just thinking while fitting: wouldn't it be 
>possible-better-auspicable-desirable to have a simultaneous fit in 
>both R and k space and evaluate the statistics of the two fits in 
>some intelligent way?
>Just a though

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