[Ifeffit] Exit wavefunctions as f(incoming planewave)

Schiros, Theanne theanne at slac.stanford.edu
Thu Jul 7 16:49:56 CDT 2005

I'm forwarding a question from a colleague outside the EXAFS community for which I don't have a good answer in hopes that some of you will...   

"Thinking about EXAFS, I was recently involved in an attempt to analyse TEM images.
There are now effective ways to get the complete exit electronic vawefunction as a function of the incoming planewave.
It would be quite interesting to be able to get the atomic potentials from the plane wave.
This seems to me an inverse problem quite similar to that of the EXAFS you are working on. Do you know of any attempt in that direction? Do you think the softwares you use for solving EXAFS could be used/adapted  in this way?"



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