[Ifeffit] Two edge problem (in the same scan)

Ashtosh Ganjoo asg2 at lehigh.edu
Wed Jan 26 13:20:30 CST 2005

Hello everybody,
I have a question/problem. Last year during the EXAFS course at NSLS, I 
had requested Bruce if it is possible to analyze the data with two 
edges. For example, I have the data for As and Se K-edges, which I 
collect in the same scan. In WinXAS program, I can section the edges and 
analyze them separately. At that time, the program was not able to 
perform these edges or the sectioning. Have we reached this possibility. 
I tried again using the latest updated Athena, but it seems not to be 
working. Can you please tell me whether the sectioning or dealing with 
two edges in the same spectra can be done

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