[Ifeffit] installation of horae in fedora2

ynliu at eps.mcgill.ca ynliu at eps.mcgill.ca
Wed Jan 19 16:50:52 CST 2005


We finally succeeded in installing horae-048 in Fedora 2! It took us a long time
to figure out why Tk could not be detected, but it turned out that the right
version of Tk is the key. We found Tk-804.027 working in our Fedora2 system.
The right order of installation is also important. We had to restart everything
in installing horae after we set up Tk.If you are using this Tk-804.027, you
don't need to look for unix folder as said on some web,just simply
tar -xvf finename.tar
(enter the new folder Tk-804.027)
make install(after this,you can make test if you want)

And then the installation of horae will jsut go fluently following the
instructions! To use athena or artemis, you need to enter the fold where
athena.pl and artemis.pl are,and then "perl athena.pl".



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