[Ifeffit] horae-048 with Athena 0.8.037 and Artemis 0.7.014/DR008

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Thu Jan 13 14:59:35 CST 2005

Hi folks,

I just released the latest source tarball for linux, unix, and Mac
OSX.  Copies can be found on SourceForge and on my web site.  A
windows updater and Carlo's debian packages should follow soon.  A new
windows executable of the development version of Artemis can be found
along with some notes on its use at

This is mostly a bug fix release.  I have addressed almost all of the
problems reported in the last 10 days on the mailing list.  (I think
the lone exception is the control-click problem Paul reported

Additionally, I have added a new feature to the development version of
Artemis.  In the Theory menu, you can now find an entry that reads
"Quick first shell theory".  This is in response to the thread started
by Carlo the other day.  This prompts you for a concise description of
a single shell scattering problem -- absorber and scatterer species,
distance, coordination geometry, edge -- and produces a quick-n-dirty
feff calculation suitable for a quick-n-dirty first shell fit.  I
wrote a document page -- just click on the document button at the
bottom of the quick first shell theory dialog.  Try it out -- it
should make sense once you poke at it a bit.

As I said yesterday, this release is probably the last one for at
least a couple of months.  There is some chance that I might update
the source code tarball in that time, but I lose my ability to make
windows executables tomorrow.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that
the windows executables that I just built and that will be in the next
updater will prove to be solid.


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