[Ifeffit] look what happens when you go away for a day!

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Wed Jan 12 08:32:23 CST 2005


Yesterday I spent the day away from the office.  This morning I saw an
impressive number of bugs and other issues reported in the short span
that I wasn't paying attention. ;-)

** Mauro mentioned a problem changing between the raw and column views
   of a log file.  I cannot reproduce this behavior.  Mauro, can you
   send me a project file that demonstrates this?

** Paul mentioned a number of problems regarding data import.  At
   least one of them seems to be the same problem Michel Jaouen
   mentioned in private email the day before.  Matt, in his response,
   explained the problem exactly.  Silly bug by me.

** Chachi mentioned a confusing error message from Feff.  Matt
   explained the situation.  The next versions of both the stable and
   development branch of Artemis will issue a much clearer error
   message in the situation Chachi reported.

I will make a new release of the source code tarball this week.  A
windows updater package will follow shortly.


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