[Ifeffit] How does AUTOBK handle the pre-edge background removal?

hsnuboy at ksu.edu hsnuboy at ksu.edu
Tue Jan 11 14:41:37 CST 2005

Dear Ifeffit list,

    There is one question I don't understand very well. How does AUTOBK
algorithm handle the pre-edge background removal? I check the mannual
of using ATHENA and the paper, "Near-edge x-ray-absorption fine
strructure of Pb: A comparison of theory and experiment", M. Newville,
et al., Phys. Rev., B47:21 (1993), 14126. Both of them have no
information about dealing pre-edge background removal with AutoBK and
how is it work within Athena? Hence, I ask this qustion for all the
experts on the list. Thank you for your help.


Yu-Chuan Lin
Research Assistant
Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Kansas State University

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