[Ifeffit] Re: postdoc opening

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Fri Jan 7 12:00:57 CST 2005

Hi Folks,

I get a fair number of questions and notices about jobs and
post-doc opportunities related to XAFS.  So far, I've been
reluctant to use this list for that purpose, but since there 
are many grad students and post-docs on this list, it seems 
that posting these to the mailing list could help everyone.

So, here's a notice for a post-doc fellowship at LBNL, sent 
to me from Corwin Booth (chbooth at lbl.gov):

Corwin also wrote:

> The final candidate will work closely with one or more group
> members on something related to actinide research.  The group is
> an actinide chemistry group, however there are opportunities to
> work in solid state physics.  Somebody interested in x-ray
> absorption spectroscopy, x-ray scattering and/or magnetism of
> f-electron systems would obviously be great for me, and I am
> starting to focus on measurements in diamond anvil cells.  We
> have high-radioactivity labs, as well, so someone interested in
> synthesis of actinide intermetallics could also make big
> contributions.  There are other opportunities, so an interested
> person could contact me.  If you know of any potential
> candidates I would appreciate you forwarding them the ad or this
> email.  We plan on filling this position ASAP.

Good luck!!


PS: if anyone else would like to post job notices here, feel free.  

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