[Ifeffit] new release of Athena and Artemis

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Mon Jan 3 15:43:12 CST 2005

Happy New Year everyone!

To welcome in the new year, I have made a new release of my codes.
There are several changes in Athena, some improvement to the
development branch of Artemis, and a few bug fixes to the stable
branch of Artemis.  Source code tarballs are now available at
SourceForge and on my website.  Complete lists of changes are
available at
A Windows updater package will be available soon.

The biggest new feature in Athena is a dialog for doing self
absorption corrections.  I coded up four different algorithms and made
it easy to switch between them so you can compare different approaches
to the problem.  The document page built into Athena has all the

Among the other new features are linear combination fits of standards
to data using chi(k) spectra, an option for using the smoothed
derivative to align or calibrate data, and lots of bug fixes and
minor improvements to the user interface.

The new releases of Artemis are all about bug fixes.  Several recently
reported problems were fixed in the stable branch and many lingering
problems from the previous release of the development branch have been

I wrote a few short web pages introducing all the new features in the
development version of Artemis.  Here's the link:
It's mostly screenshots and terse descriptions, but hopefully you'll
find it useful.

For the Windows users out there, I built a Windows executable of the
development version for the first time.  There is a link to it on that
web page along with instructions for how to install it.  I am eager to
get more feedback from users about the development version so I can
start thinking about moving it back down to the stable branch.

Special thanks this time to all the people who were at my class at the
Canadian Light Source User's Meeting in November.  Many of the
improvements to this release of Athena were suggested or inspired by
Canucks.  Thanks!


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