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Victor Krayzman victor.krayzman at nist.gov
Mon Dec 19 13:21:50 CST 2005

Hi Bruce,
This is Victor Krayzman. I haven't seen you for ten years. Currently 
I am at NIST as a guest scientist.
Besides other codes I work with Athena and Artemis and I have some 
troubles with Artemis. (It runs under Windows 2000) Last time I read 
a data file, made two FEFF calculations, read one more data file and 
made three FEFF calculations for it. Then I saved project, quit 
Artemis, open it again and tried to read the saved project. I found 
only data files and two FEFF calculations for the first data set. 
FEFF calculations for the second set disappeared.
I met the same situation some time ago. To fix the problem I had to 
reinstall the Artemis. But now I have got the same thing. Could you 
help me? I attached the saved project and the message in a window.
Thank you.
Best regards to Ed.
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