[Ifeffit] Mac installer for 10.4 with horae-048

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Thu Dec 15 17:33:05 CST 2005

HI Paul,

For now I think that just noting that Aquaterm is needed is OK.... The
Aquaterm terminal is nice, but we need X11 anyway, so using the X
terminal seems OK too.  That is, I don't have a strong opinion on
this.  Adding the Aquaterm terminal to the installer seems fine.

I haven't tried building on a OS 10.4 machine.  Maybe I'll get a
chance next week, if not it'll have to wait until January.  It sounds
like it may mean another set of changes to configure.... yuck.

>    In the long term another question is to switch to g95 (stable and
> works) or gfortran (improving) for the fortran compilation.  Mixing
> binaries from gcc3 and gcc4 is not officially supported (from what I
> understand) and at the very least leads to lots of saveFP restFP
> linkage errors (as Apple's compiler is gcc4) -- this is fixable by
> linking in the /usr/lib/libgcc.a manually but is hardly clean.  I
> didn't explore it very well, but there are problems using other
> compilers as well (absoft and the #$@% underscore conventions) as
> well as g95 (almost works, but I still got some saveFP restFP errors
> that originated from something in ifeffit that I didn't take the time
> to track down).  I can start hacking the mac ifeffit script, but as
> only those first three issues are of importance now, it is probably
> easier for you to fix.

I have not played with gcc4 or g95 or gfortran yet.  I'd lean towards
using  gfortran (ie, the one that's part of gcc).  I'd guess that's
the easiest compatibility route, but in any case there is just not
that much "special" (mixed C/Fortran, Fortran calling system stuff) to
really concern me.  It might take a little doing to move to gfortran,
but I'm sure it will work.


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