[Ifeffit] Mac installer for 10.4 with horae-048

Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Thu Dec 15 01:06:54 CST 2005

I see.  I thought I had zapped that aquaterm dependence, but I see  
that (in the ifeffit build script) that the aquaterm library was  
linked in -- there must be some stubs that result in either runtime  
or static linking to result in a dependency).  As a quick fix, I will  
just add the aquaterm framework to the installer (this is small  
anyway).  I take it the only addition will be then /Library/ 
Frameworks/Aquaterm.framework?  That directly is a total of only 424k  
and after compression, the change in the installer size will be  
barely noticeable.  Actually there are a few things now that need to  
be fixed in the ifeffit configure for the mac. The first is the  
changing of the appropriate line in configure from "head -1" to "head  
-n 1" so that an error message that configure can't parse won't gum  
up the works.  The second is the removal of the aquaterm library from  
the linking process. And third -- I can probably think of more if I  
try hard ;  ) -- would be fixing the failure of configure to find the  
standard (dynamic) termcap library under 10.4.  Ok , I thought of a  
fourth, if one compiles under g77 and gcc (using gcc_select 3.3)  
there is still one place in the ifeffit compile that has errors  
associated with restFP/saveFP for which I had to manually add the / 
usr/lib/libgcc.a to the link line in the local (cmdline or lib  -- I  
don't remember) to fix.

   In the long term another question is to switch to g95 (stable and  
works) or gfortran (improving) for the fortran compilation.  Mixing  
binaries from gcc3 and gcc4 is not officially supported (from what I  
understand) and at the very least leads to lots of saveFP restFP  
linkage errors (as Apple's compiler is gcc4) -- this is fixable by  
linking in the /usr/lib/libgcc.a manually but is hardly clean.  I  
didn't explore it very well, but there are problems using other  
compilers as well (absoft and the #$@% underscore conventions) as  
well as g95 (almost works, but I still got some saveFP restFP errors  
that originated from something in ifeffit that I didn't take the time  
to track down).  I can start hacking the mac ifeffit script, but as  
only those first three issues are of importance now, it is probably  
easier for you to fix.

Sorry about the trouble with the installer.  I will add the ifeffit  
framework today to the library and reupload it.  I think things are  
getting settled down now.


On Dec 15, 2005, at 03:50 AM, Matt Newville wrote:

> Stefano, Paul,
> I just tried this on a fairly fresh OS 10.4 machine (Ifeffit had been
> installed over a year ago, when it was a 10.3 machine, and I wiped
> /Library/Perl/5.8.1 and /Applications/Ifeffit, and cleared the
> /Library/Receipt for Ifeffit....).
> I got the same behaviour as Stefano.  It looks like everything did get
> installed this time, but that the resulting version of Ifeffit depends
> on Aquaterm.  Downloading and installing Aquaterm from the disk-image
> package from sourceforge.net was simple (though it requires a
> privileged password) and made Athena and Artemis run fine.
> So my immediate recommendation is to install Aquaterm from  
> Sourceforge.
>        http://sourceforge.net/projects/aquaterm/
> --Matt
> PS: We should probably also figure out how to not depend on  Aquaterm,
> but telling people they need Aquaterm as well as X11.app seems simple
> enough.
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