[Ifeffit] problem with ifeffit 1.2.8 at ESRF

Bruce Ravel bravel at anl.gov
Tue Dec 13 11:01:49 CST 2005

On Tuesday 13 December 2005 10:36, Carmelo PRESTIPINO wrote:
> Hi to all
> I'm Carmelo (Lello) and I'm working on Bm29 in ESRF.
> Recently I have updated IFEFFIT to version 1.2.8 a computer in the beamline
> (OS winXP profesional edition), but I unfortunatly noticed that the
> applications didn't start.
> Makinig some test and looking  the previus posted newsmail I concluded
> that this behavior
> is probably due to the firewall of ESRF.
> In order to obtain a more susessfull help from the computter service,
> anyone could explein me wich is exacly the problem
> Here below there is the runner.exe.log


I think you are correct.

The FAQ has a relevant entry:

It says:
   If you are using a computer that uses a web proxy and the updater
   is not downloading files, you may need to set the Environmental
   Variable http_proxy to your web proxy.

I believe (but I'm certainly no Windows expert) that this can be set
by hand by digging into Control Panel -> System Properties ->
Environment Variables.  I believe that, when you set a browser to
recognize a proxy, that sets an application-specific registry entry
and not a system-wide one.  That makes it hard for runner to know where
to look for that information.


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