[Ifeffit] Athena feature request

Scott Calvin SCalvin at slc.edu
Fri Aug 19 17:50:28 CDT 2005

Hi Bruce (and everyone),

I'm usually reluctant to suggest new "convenience" features for the 
software, because what might be convenient for me on one task might 
just clutter up the software for someone else. But here's an idea I 
think might be generally useful:

Athena should have some way of memorizing common plot options. In 
other words, I'd like some way of making a single-click or key 
shortcut for, e.g.," Emin = -10, Emax = +400, mu(E)=on, 
background=on, plot single-spectrum E." I find when I'm reducing a 
lot of data I'm spending a lot of time changing all the options back 
and forth between looking at pre- and post-edge lines, derivative 
spectra, backgrounds, etc., particularly since I prefer a different 
energy range for each.

I'm agnostic on the form the saved shortcut should take, though, 
which is one reason I'm posting to the list rather than just emailing 
you. My best idea is to have the shortcuts listed under another tab 
under "Plotting options," but that's starting to look a little 
crowded, and I already feel responsible for the "Ind" tab (which is 
very useful to me--thanks!). :) I'm also agnostic as to whether these 
shortcuts should be global to all projects (as if they were a 
"setting") or not.

--Scott Calvin
Sarah Lawrence College

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