[Ifeffit] Cu oxides spectra

Barton, David (DG) DGBarton at dow.com
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Excellent start to a Model compounds XAFS library.  How can I add data to this collection?  I have collected ~50 reference spectra and would like to donate them to the world.  I believe everyone in the XAFS community could benefit by sharing of reference spectra with one another and I would like to do my part.

Do you have a page that I could enter the spectra info and upload the data?  Or would it be better to create a spreadsheet with the spectra info and zip up all raw spectra data?  I am willing to format it in any form that works for you.

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> Marco (Scott),
> There's CuO and Cu2O (and azurite) data available:
>   http://cars9.uchicago.edu/~newville/ModelLib/search.html
> The Cu2O there is from the Lytle database.
> Reading data from the Lytle database is not always easy, 
> but there is a FAQ entry about how to do this:
> http://cars9.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/ifeffit/faqwiz?req=show&file

Hope that helps,


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