[Ifeffit] feff6L and path finder limit

Stefano Ciurli stefano.ciurli at unibo.it
Wed Aug 10 15:47:15 CDT 2005


my feff.atp file now is the following. Is it OK??? I am puzzled by 
the stars in front of NLEG 8 and then the line I have added stating 
NLEG 4 without a star, but I simply followed instruction, 
monkey-wise, so I am not sure.

<atp -- Atoms Template File>
<com> This file is part of the Atoms distribution.
<com> Atoms is copyright (c) Bruce Ravel 1998-2005.
<com> This is the atoms template file for a feff6 input file
<com> Homepage: http://feff.phys.washington.edu/~ravel/software/exafs
<meta :precision 9.5 :file "feff6 input file" :output "feff.inp" :feff 6>
<meta :occupancy 0>
<meta :list "cluster">

<id :prefix " * ">

<corrections :prefix " * " :units "microns">

  * -----------------------------------------------------------------
  * The following crystallographic data were used:
  <titles :prefix " * title      ">
  * space = <space>
  * a =  <a>     b =     <b>     c =     <c>
  * alpha =      <alpha> beta =  <beta>  gamma = <gamma>
  * core =       <ctag>  edge =  <edge>
  * atoms
  * ! elem   x          y          z       tag        occ
<list :style atoms>
  *   <elem>  <x>  <y>  <z>  <tag>  <occ>
  * -----------------------------------------------------------------

<titles :prefix " TITLE ">

  HOLE <iedge>   1.0   *  <central> <edge> edge  (<eedge> eV), second 
number is S0^2

  *         mphase,mpath,mfeff,mchi
  CONTROL   1      1     1     1
  PRINT     1      0     0     0

  RMAX      <rmax>

  *CRITERIA     curved   plane
  *DEBYE        temp     debye-temp
  *NLEG         8
  *    ipot   Z  element
"feff.atp" 55L, 1645C written


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