[Ifeffit] max paths/feff calculations

sluo at slc.edu sluo at slc.edu
Tue Sep 14 17:36:46 CDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm currently running a YBCO temperature series fit for 8 different 
temperatures, 3 edges, at the same time. I was wondering what the maximum 
number of FEFF calculations is, if there even is such a maximum. Also, I had 
gotten a new ifeffit_10.dll file sometime back in May of this year that 
increased my maximum number of paths up to 1024. I'm running the newest 
version of IFEFFIT, and its ifeffit_10.dll is dated some time in July, but 
has 256 set as the maximum number of paths, which I'll run into real soon. I 
was wondering if it's alright to overwrite the new .dll file with the older 
one that I had gotten before. Also, if at all possible, soon there will be 
more than 8 temperatures because we're going back real soon to finish out 
the data series. Is there anyway for there to be more than 1024 paths?


- Sean X. Luo

Sarah Lawrence College 

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