[Ifeffit] Project files and fits

Stefano Ciurli stefano.ciurli at unibo.it
Thu Sep 9 16:24:02 CDT 2004

Hi Bruce,
back from France...

>I am not 100% sure I followed that, but I think one of my planned
>features in the current development branch will address this.  I plan
>to be able to restore prior fitting models.
>This means that you can start a project, do some fits and have the
>results from those fits saved in the project.  Then you can try
>something very different for a while and have those fitting results
>saved.  Then, if you decide to abandon the second approach, you can
>click on one of the earlier fits, tell Artemis to restore that
>fitting model, and carry on from there.
>That will not completely alleviate the issue with parameter management
>that you mention, but it will make it possible to try a variety of
>fitting models within one project.

OK. Thanks! Parameter management could be a significant improvement 
(in addition to the many things you plan and magically realize!)

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