[Ifeffit] debian packages of horae and sixpack

Carlo U. Segre segre at iit.edu
Wed Sep 1 15:49:03 CDT 2004

Hello All:

I just finished making Debian packages of horae-041 and the newest sixpack

the new horae includes the development release, diana, but does not yet
make a menu entry for it.  So far it is only available for sid (unstable).
I plan to get it to woody by the end of the weekend if possible.  A sarge
package should be available on Saturday at teh latest.

sixpack is only available for sid and sarge.  woody does not have Tix8.1
which is required, so I cannot really make a woody package.

I have not had time to make sure that these programs work completely,
please send me bug reports off the list.


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Associate Dean for Special Projects, Graduate College
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