[Ifeffit] Artimis

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Fri Oct 22 15:55:41 CDT 2004

On Friday 22 October 2004 4:38 pm, Chen, Yongsheng wrote:
> Thanks for your advices. I did edit my Feff.inp in Word, but did not have
> any problems with the old version.

It is certainly possible to do so, but you MUST be careful to save the
file as text.  Because it is so easy to forget and just save in
whatever format Word decides to use, I always discourage people from
using Word for that purpose.

Hey Mac users!  Could someone suggest a simple editor that Yongsheng,
a new Mac user, should consider for the task of editing the kinds of
text files that Feff and similar programs work with?

> I tried the cleaned up Feff.inp you sent me, it worked better in the
> sense that I could close Artemis after the warning appeared again,
> with my own version, I would have to use ForceQuit.

So if I understand this, you had the same problem even with the file I
sent you back.  OK.

I see from the trap file you sent me that you are using Artemis
0.7.007.  This is a bit out of date.  I would recommend that you
upgrade to the latest version following the instructions here:

The Mac installer package contains a slightly old version of my codes.
Since upgrading using the source code package is relatively easy, we
usually don't make a new Mac installer every time I update my
software.  Try following those instructions, then trying Artemis one
more time.  Perhaps the problem will have been solved.  If not, let me
know and I will work on figuring out the solution.  As I said, your
feff.inp works fine on my computer, so I am hopeful that doing an
upgrade will solve the problem.

> I am a new mac user. I try to understand the message in the artemis.trap,
> although it's a text file, I do not understand too much. I sort of remember
> there is a notice about Perl version on some website. I have seen 'Perl'
> appearing in the trap file in many places, is this relative to the problem?

The information that the program spits out is for my use.  It explains
where in the program the problem was encountered.  That's the sort of
thing that is very cryptic for the user, but very helpful to me.


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