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Chen, Yongsheng yongsheng.chen at pnl.gov
Fri Oct 22 15:38:52 CDT 2004

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your advices. I did edit my Feff.inp in Word, but did not have any problems with the old version. I tried the cleaned up Feff.inp you sent me, it worked better in the sense that I could close Artemis after the warning appeared again, with my own version, I would have to use ForceQuit.
I am a new mac user. I try to understand the message in the artemis.trap, although it's a text file, I do not understand too much. I sort of remember there is a notice about Perl version on some website. I have seen 'Perl' appearing in the trap file in many places, is this relative to the problem?

Thanks for your help.


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> On Friday 22 October 2004 12:30 pm, Chen, Yongsheng wrote:
> > I installed the lastest version of Artemis, but met problems when trying to
> > import FEFF calculations. The trap file and the feff input file are
> > attached. The old version worked fine. I have a mac. 
> Yongsheng,
> What is the history of the files you sent?  The feff.inp file you
> included in your email has a large number of non-printable chatracters
> at the beginning of the file and all of the lines are terminated by
> Macintosh end-of-line characters (that is, carriage return (ascii 13),
> rather than line-feed (ascii 10)).  Artemis currently makes no effort
> to deal correctly with Mac EOL characters and Feff (as compiled on an
> OSX, which is really a version of Unix under the hood) will not do so
> either.  Some quick tests suggested that is the case.
> So, there seems to be two problems with the feff.inp file you sent me
> 1.  The junk characters at the beginning of the file.  Those will
>     certainly confuse feff.
> 2.  The end-ol-line characters.
> You can probably fix both by opening up the feff.inp file in any text
> editor, stripping out the junk at the top of the file and explicitly
> saving the file as a unix text file.  I am sure that some of the Mac
> users on the list can provide more details should you need it.
> I am suspicious that you might have edited the feff.inp file with a
> word processor (such as MS Word).  That is a very poor idea because it
> can be hgard to avoid the situation where the word processor inserts
> additional, not-for-display information in the file that neither
> Artemis nor Feff will know how to deal with.  If you create your
> feff.inp files outside of Artemis, you must be careful not to do so in
> a way that inserts additional stuff into the file.
> When I cleaned up the feff.inp file you sent, Artemis had no problem
> with it.
> I suppose that another possibility is that the file became
> "contaminated" after you tried it in Artemis but before I received
> your email.  If that is the case, it is really important that you fix
> that and try submitting your question again.  It is possible that you
> are seeing some deeper problem in Artemis, but that I am focussing on
> the ways in which the file became contaminated.  That's a problem
> because I am therefore not addressing the real issue.
> Attached is the cleaned up file, which works for me.
> Regards,
> B
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