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Gael Poirier gael at posgrad.iq.unesp.br
Tue Oct 19 11:54:20 CDT 2004

Thank you for your help, I've now resolved the problem of importing data.
However, I have now another one with Athena version 0.8.032. When I select 
several opened groups as marked groups and plot them in E (using plot 
marked groups in E), only one spectrum appears in the graphic window and I 
can't see them together in order to compare. I've tried with Athena 0.8.024 
(IFEFFIT 1.2.5) and it worked very well.
How can I plot all the groups in the same graphic window using Athena 0.8.032?
Thank you very much


Le 16:17 18/10/2004, vous avez écrit:
>On Monday 18 October 2004 12:53 pm, Gael Poirier wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I'm a new user of FEFFIT programs and actually I have some problems with
> > Athena (version 0.8.032). In fact, when I try to import data files, the
> > program apparently identificate the commas (,) as a column separator. I
> > think that my input file is correct: ASCII data and each column separated
> > by a space.
> > What can I do to resolve it??
> >
> > Thank you very much for your help
>Hi Gaël,
>I am going to guess, judging from your address, that you measured your
>data at the LNLS.  In August, there was a discussion about files from
>one of the LNLS beamlines that may be relevant to you.
>    http://millenia.cars.aps.anl.gov/pipermail/ifeffit/2004-August/001335.html
>That message and its follow-ups might be helpful to you.  If not,
>don't hesitate to contact the list again.  You might consider
>providing an example of the data file that is giving you trouble.
>That way, we can try ourselves to reproduce the problem.
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