[Ifeffit] rpm packages of horae, ifeffit, sixpack

Carlo U. Segre segre at iit.edu
Sun Oct 10 17:29:06 CDT 2004

Hello All:

I realized that there was a low cost method for me to generate *.rpm 
packages from my *.deb packages.  I make no promises on how these will 
install or work and I really won't be able to do much to fix them since 
they are generated automatically but please let me know if they are 
useful or not working.  You can get all the programs in my x-ray 
software archive at:


If anyone knows how best to make these available in an automated way 
please let me know and I will try to implement it.

BTW: all these packages are comversions from the Debian "unstable" tree, 
which has the latest libraries and files.  This is most likely the best 
version to work with Fedora.



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