[Ifeffit] New user to EXAFS

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Thu Oct 7 11:14:52 CDT 2004


I started responding to Williams question about the Daresbury data
then got distracted by a new computer showing up at my office.  (Yay!)

In the interim, lots of people answered William's question.  In the
short term, as was said, you will need to strip out that last line and
convert the encoder readings to energy.  The encoder-to-energy
conversion is on my list of things to do -- now I have a reason to do

Then Matt said:

>> Thanks for that, I shall give that a go. Can Ifeffit/athena
>> combine two data sets and average them?
> Absolutely. Athena calls this 'Merge'.  Read in two or more data 
> sets, mark them by clicking the little purple box, and then pick 
> 'merge marked data in mu(E)' from the Merge menu.  And that's 
> just the beginning of how complicated it can get!

Hah! Indeed!

I should point out that Athena has extensive documentation built right
in.  In the Help menu, there is a Document entry.  The document is
split into single-topic chunks.  It's also on the web (in ugly but
serviceable HTML) at


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