[Ifeffit] horae 043 tarball

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Wed Oct 6 16:23:05 CDT 2004

Hi folks,

I just put a new tarball on SourceForge and on my web site.  This new
tarball will be of interest to the people following the development
version of Artemis.

There are only small changes to the stable codes in this tarball and I
will not be building new Windows executables.  This new tarball is
really only about the development version of Artemis.

I am almost finished with the features I am planning for this round of
development.  (See the Artemis page on my web site for the complete
list of features planned for this round of the development branch.)
Once I polish off the last major feature, we will go into a testing
period.  Once I am content, I'll build some trial Windows executables.
Once I am content with that, I'll merge the new feature back into the
stable branch.

Among the new features in the development branch:

1.  A revamped feff interpretation page with new functionality
2.  A revamped atoms page with new functionality
3.  Major improvements to the fit history system
4.  Direct import of data from Athena project files
5.  A new type of parameter on the GDS page -- an "after" parameter is
    like a def in that it takes a math expression, but it is not part
    of the fit and is evaluated only after the fit finishes and then
    is recorded in the log file
6.  Lots of bug fixes and minor feature enhancements.

Lots of neat new stuff.  Have fun and let me know what goes splat.



  FYI, two new files: Ifeffit/lib/artemis.doc/artemis_fitinfo.pod
  and Tk/TextUndoQuiet.pm.

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