[Ifeffit] Thesis Correction

Firouzeh Tannazi tannfir at iit.edu
Thu Nov 11 22:02:49 CST 2004

Hi Dr. Bunker;
Let me at first thank you very much for the corrections and edition that you have made on the dissertation. I just 
want to remind you those sections that need more corrections. First the Introduction section which  is very 
disperse! As we have "Abstract" part and any chapter has introduction  we may eliminate the introduction chapter 
and add its stuff to other introduction parts or if you think it is better to keep it, I really appreciate if you  write it in 
the way that more emphasize will be on last part . The next part  is section 2.6, "X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy" 
which I want to talk about the differences and similarities between that method and XAFS.

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