[Ifeffit] new versions of my codes

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Fri Nov 5 15:58:15 CST 2004


I just posted new source code tarballs of my codes at my web site and
at SourceForge.  A while back, there were some problems with a bug in
the updater script for unix.  If you have problems using the updater,
either download and install the tarball by hand or grab the latest
copy of the updater script and run it instead:


The fixed updater script will be installed once you get the new
tarball installed.

An updater package for windows users will hopefully be available next
week, assuming no serious bugs are found in the new codes.

For Athena and Artemis, this is mostly a bug fix release, although a
lot of bugs were fixed.  Athena has one new feature, which is an
indicator at the top of the list of data groups which tells you when
your project has been modified and needs to be saved.  Clicking on
this indicator is the same as choosing "File->Save project".

For those people following the development version of Artemis, along
with a number of important bug fixes there are two major new features:
  1.  In the Fits menu, there is a menu item for saving a "full data"
      file.  This file records the data, the fit, the residual, the
      background (if appropriate), and the window as columns in a
      single file.  If chi(R) or chi(q) is saved, the FT parameters
      appropriate to the chosen fit are used for all the columns.
  2.  You can now revert your project to a previous fitting model by
      selecting that fit from the Data and Paths List and selecting
      the restore option from the Fits menu.  Fit model restoration
      can also be done with the right-click menu on the list on the
      log viewer page.  I'll be eager to hear how well this works for

This is a pretty exciting release of the development version for me
because I have now completed all the features I was planning to add in
this round of development.  I am going to take a break from adding
major new features to Artemis for a while to give people a chance to
find the bugs.

I am also planning to release a windows executable of the development
version within the next few weeks to allow some more people to try out
all the new features.

As always, let me know what problems you run into.


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