[Ifeffit] A question about the new Artemis version

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Wed Mar 24 14:23:40 CST 2004

On Wednesday 24 March 2004 02:50 pm, Stanislav Stoupin wrote:
> I just upgraded to the newest horae-031 package
> It looks to me that the new Artemis version (0.7.001) doesn't have that
> nice button "use previous background" anymore. If I am not mistaken the
> button allowed to subtract background fitted previously. Am I?
> Is it somehow hidden in the new version?

I changed how the concept of using background subtracted data is
implemented.  Like many things with Artemis, it is underdocumented.

In the Data menu is a option for "Save background subtracted as
chi(k)".  This will subtract the background you just performed form
the data and save that chi(k) function to a file.  The default
behavior is to save the new chi(k) file in the project workspace so
that it gets inlcuded in the project when the project is saved.

Then, Artemis will ask if you want to replace the current data with
the background subtracted data.  You can say yes or no, as you wish.

As you continue working, it is easy to switch between the original
data and the background subtracted data because both are stored in the
project work space.  File menu -> "Project data" -> "Import project
data" is a shortcut to all the data stored in the project work space.

This underscores one of the advantages of using zip files as project
files.  It is easy to carry around many data files along with a
project and then quickly switch between them without changing the
model or stopping and restarting Artemis.  

FYI. Difference spectra work essentially the same way.  The chi(k)
containing the data minus a sum of paths is saved to the workspace and
you are asked if you want to change from the original data to the
difference spectrum.

All clear?

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