[Ifeffit] Re: Athena Suggestions

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Mon Mar 22 10:58:00 CST 2004

Hmmm... I tried what you did, Matt.  I exported mu(E) from Athena for
both data groups and then did the e0 determination by hand.  This

  Ifeffit> read_data (gadowee.xmu, group=gad, type=xmu)
  Ifeffit> pre_edge(gad.energy, gad.xmu, find_e0=1)
  Ifeffit> print e0
  Ifeffit> read_data (gam.xmu, group=gam, type=xmu)
  Ifeffit> pre_edge(gam.energy, gam.xmu, find_e0=1)
  Ifeffit> print e0

The first e0 value is different from the one you just reported and the
same as Athena tells me.  And I did not get the "out of order"

I'm confused.

> PS: Whether the max of the 1st derivative is a measure of the Fermi
> energy is a whole other story.

And how!


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