[Ifeffit] Athena quirk

Dave Baker dabaker at unity.ncsu.edu
Sat Mar 13 12:38:57 CST 2004

	I have recently updated my Ifeffit package to the current versions (Ifeffit
1.2.5 and Athena 0.8.026) under Win2k Pro, and I have noticed something that
is a bit irritating.  My situation is this:  I have a project open in
Athena, but decide to refresh or rename that project file to something
different from within Windows explorer.  I expected to only have to close
the project file within Athena but keep Athena itself running.  This is not
the case, however, as Athena does not "let go" of the file until it is
completely closed.  After closing, I can rename the project file without
difficulty, but then I must restart Athena from square one.  Is this normal
behavior?  Does anyone else see this behavior?  Thanks in advance for your
-Dave Baker

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