[Ifeffit] Ins:-simple suggestion when you make new releases

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Thu Mar 11 07:56:38 CST 2004

On Thursday 11 March 2004 12:25 am, ALAM Sher wrote:
> Thus I suggest that like you did with Tk let us know ahead
> of time for which perl version the programs are tested.

To the best of my knowledge, my codes will work as far back as perl
5.005 (but I must confess I don't have a computer lying around running
that old of a version).  The more severe dependence is on perl/Tk,
which must be one of the version 800 releases.  The 400 releases will
not work and the 804 releases will not work.  (As far as I know, there
is still a bug in the HList widget which trips up Artemis.)

The fix I made yesterday with regard to the "longmess" error message
used a syntax that I am confident will work in 5.8 or 5.6.  The error
was in using some syntactic sugar that would not work with the older
version of the Carp.pm module.

> The other thing that is not clear to me is
> that if you say for example that programs require perl xyz
> or later, do you actually check that they run under
> the allowed versions? before releasing......

I write the codes with 5.8.1 on my linux machine and use
5.6.1 when I build then on my windows machine.  I have
purposefully not updated to 5.8 on windows for that reason.

I have to point out that there really is not such thing as a "release"
for Athena and Artemis at this stage.  Every version is a beta version
and every user is a bug tester.  I would love to have a testing
department here at Ravelware International, LLC, but I am little
short-handed in terms of staffing ;-)

But I am responsive to bug reports.  So keep on filing them! 


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