[Ifeffit] athena 0.8.026 and artemis 0.7.001

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Tue Mar 9 11:03:56 CST 2004

Hi folks,

New versions of Athena and Artemis are now ready.  The windows and
unix updater programs will now grab and install these updates.

This release addresses many bugs that were found in the previous
release.  There are also a couple of nice things for the Windows
users.  I recently upgraded by license for the PerlApp program, which
is the program which builds the Windows executables from the perl
source code.  The new version of PerlApp has the very nice feature of
generating *much* smaller executables -- Athena is about 2 megs as
compared to about 5 megs from the previous version of PerlApp.

There are two big new features in this release.

1.  Athena now has an interface for doing linear combination fits of
    standard XANES spectra to an unknown.  Look in the Analysis menu.

2.  Both Athena and Artemis have a new mechanism for trapping certain
    kinds of errors and writing files that can be included in a bug
    report.  If a certain class of problem gets tripped while you are
    using one of the codes, the program will beep and you will see a
    message like this in the echo area:
       Artemis trapped a warning!  Message dumped to C:\Program 
    If you decide to send me a bug report regarding whatever lead to
    the error, you should include the specified file along with your
    bug report.  The trap file may look cryptic, but it will probably
    help me a lot in solving the problem.

Update and enjoy!

P.S.  Big thanks this time for excellent bug reports from Peter
      Southon, Peter Pfalzer, and valient beta tester Adam Webb.
      Thanks also to Simon Bare for his help with the linear
      combination interface.

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