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Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Wed Jan 28 10:18:29 CST 2004

Hi Peter,

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Peter Southon wrote:
> >
> > Could this FAQ sufficiently fill the role you're thinking of?
> Not precisely what I had in mind, its better. 

Maybe you could explain what you do have in mind??  I think you're
asking for some sort of indexed searchable 'knowledge base' that's
slightly different from the mailing list and from the FAQ.  Can you
point to an example or a technology of what you'd like?

I definitely like the idea of making the mail list archives
searchable.  This should happen sometime soon.  How long it takes
and how good it ends up depends on what technologies are used. There
are several to choose from.  (Thanks for the links, Carlo!!  The
debian search looks great -- I'll look into that and htdig.)

I'd also like to include the woefully small 'script cookbook' in
this discussion as well. I'll work to move those scripts to the FAQ
and the distributed examples, and abandon the existing cookbook once 
that happens.  That way, others could post worked examples too.

A goal for me is to make it easier for people other than me to post
information and contribute examples and code.  The new FAQ should
help (assuming it gets used), but it is not a complete solution. 

> Would it be possible to add links from the faq to threads in the
> archived mailing list? This way somone (anyone) can add important
> mailing list discussions to the faq without re-typing a whole
> bunch of stuff.

Yes, links to the FAQ can be put in an email.  Here's a link to 
one of the FAQ entries:

It's sort of ugly, but you can just cut-and-paste from the URL of 
the FAQ.  To figure that out by hand, the 'faq01.002.htp' part there 
                                              ^^ ^^^
at the end means 'Section 01, Question 002'.

FAQ entries are easy to add and edit.  One could cut-and-paste
content from an archived mail message into a FAQ entry.  Entries can
be in plain text or HTML. Even in plain-text entries, URLs in the
message will get translated to a web link.  And since each message
in the mailing list archives has its own URL, the FAQ can include a
link to a specific email.  In that way the FAQ and the list archive
can easily point back and forth to one another.  Once this message
gets archived, I'll edit the above FAQ to point back to it.


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