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Peter Southon psou7817 at mail.usyd.edu.au
Mon Jan 26 15:20:29 CST 2004

> > And while I'm about it ... it occurred to me that these questions above
> > could well have been asked before, but as a newcomer to this list it is
> > quite difficult to trawl through the archives to find relevant answers. Is
> > there any possibility and/or interest in some kind of index of these
> > discussions?
> Yay!  Excellent suggestion.  In fact, in one of my recent rants about
> all the ways that people could contribute to the ifeffit family
> without actually writing code for ifeffit, athena, or artemis, I
> mentioned precisely this.
> I have been with the ifeffit list from the beginning and I have many
> times wished their were an index.
> So... any takers?  Here's a place to start:  http://www.htdig.org/

Matt, Bruce et al.

A search-generated index (or search function for the archive pages such as 
htdig) would indeed be comprehensive, useful, and easy(ish) to impliment.
However, what I originally had in mind was a human-collated index (more like 
a 'contents page'), which might make it easier for people to find related 
groups of contributions - although more time-consuming to put together. Perhaps 
it would be useful to have both types (the former would certainly help in 
compiling the latter).

What do y'all think?


Peter Southon
Research Fellow
School of Chemistry
University of Sydney

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