[Ifeffit] Spline clamps

SCalvin100 at aol.com SCalvin100 at aol.com
Tue Jan 13 14:41:47 CST 2004

Hi all,

Happy New Year to all! I've been busy pushing the new versions of Artemis and 
Ifeffit pretty hard (3-edge fits, over 100 paths, also over 100 guess,def,set 
parameters) and they seem to be behaving pretty nicely. There are certainly 
some advantages and some disadvantages to this compared to the old FEFFIT 
package; one major advantage is this will certainly reduced the learning curve for 
new undergraduates in my group.
I am posting now because I am not sure I understand the behavior of the 
spline clamps in Ifeffit. When I set a top end to the spline range that is below 
the top of the data range, the high spline clamp has very little, if any, 
effect. (As a simple example, if I take the "clamp.prj" project that comes with 
Athena and set all of the spline ranges to top out at 400 eV, all four backgrounds 
look the same.) Is this what should be happening, or is this a bug?

In case this is a bug, here's the version information:

Athena 0.8.024 and ifeffit 1.2.4 running on Windows XP.

I'll also be glad to send a project file to Bruce or Matt if they wish, 
although it would just be the clamp.prj file with the top of the spline range 

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